Robert A. Zeichner
                   p  h  o  t  o  g  r  a  p  h  y

Welcome to my website.  My passion for photography dates back to my childhood, growing up in New York.  My dad helped me get started in a makeshift darkroom in our basement kitchen.  Ever since, photography has been a lifelong learning experience for me and a satisfying means of personal expression. 

This site has intentionally been kept simple and straight forward to navigate.  If you are expecting animations and sound effects, you won’t find any and you have my apologies in advance.  What this site is about is the photographs.  Please view them at your leisure and feel free to direct others to my site.

If you have any questions about specific photographs, subjects or techniques used in creating them or if you are interested in purchasing prints, by all means contact me and I’ll be delighted to respond.

All images are copyright by Robert A. Zeichner.  Reproduction by any mechanical or electronic

means and use without the written permission of the artist is strictly prohibited.

Please join me at the
Ann Arbor Art Fair
July 15th - July 18th, 2015
Booth # 226 - Main Street

See you at the fair!